About Me

Hi, My name is Laimonas

This article is very personal.

But that is its purpose – to introduce myself.


I have always loved to create something (in the broadest sense):

As a kid, I created board games and toys to play with – these things were missing in my childhood.

As a teenager, I created comics and stories and wrote a family newspaper.

As a student in a rock band, I created music and wrote songs.

After graduating, I made a career in the company – developing and refining new, more efficient ways of working and building teams. And quite successfully.

While working for the company, I became interested in different businesses, including an online business. I created three websites, one of which I sold.

After a while, I created a wonderful family.

Laimonas typing on computer

One magic day … I realized: my personal growth had hit a roadblock.

Caught up in an unceasing routine of work and home, lacked progress as an individual, and grew further from realizing my dreams.

That realization shocked me.

I had to go down and climb up again to reach the next mountain peak.

Now I am in this phase of building my new life and “climbing my new mountain”.

We are all creators; we all have our mountains to climb.

I learn, try, fail, improve, and move on.

I hope that the stories you create in your life bring you peace, freedom, and happiness.


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